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Friday, July 31, 2009

Visual Quiz #04

It has been 3 yrs since I posted my last quiz. Life has been pretty busy in Infy. Good for me .. given the recession :)

OK.. A set of 8 visuals with most of the questions related to current news or that happened in the the recent past. Most of them should be straightforward. Answers to senthil_kumar_pk@yahoo.com

1. Identify the two cricketers.

2. Identify this lady

3. Which city carries the logo?

4. F1. Who is the driver of this car?

5. This guy is the CEO of a company which was in news recently

6. What is the dark spot shown in the image below?

7. What does SKG in the following Dreamworks logo stand for?

8. Identify this person. Think Search

Friday, July 28, 2006

Visual Quiz # 03 (Identify celebrities)

After a long hiatus, here is another Visual quiz. Set of 10 visuals.

1. Identify the cricketers in action. Explain the incident please.

Ans: Dennis Lille & Sunil Gavaskar. Instead of me explaining the incident, you can watch here in

(Thanks to Suchintan Chatterjee for forwarding the link)

2. Identify the cricketer. Clues: Yorkshire, England, died due to a type of lung cancer.

Ans: Fred Trueman

3. Easy one. Identify this celebrity

Ans: Amrish Puri

4. Another Simple one.
Identify both (0.5 pts for each)

Ans: Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert (I thought it was easy, but not cracked by many)

5. Not so easy. Clues: American born - Indian origin, recieved monetary help from Pamela

Ans: Mohini Bharadwaj. Some guessed this lady to be a porn star.

6. Another not so easy. Clues: England, South Africa, Aparthied

Ans: Basil D'Oliveira. A very gud non-white cricketer during his times, he had to move to England in 1960. He got his British citizenship in 1966 and was about to be selected to 1968-69 england tour of SA. He was initially kept out due to political reasons. But he was re-instated when one of the England selectors dropped out. SA was dead against his inclusion in the visiting england team, and all the harakiri that followed ensured that South Africa is kept out of World Cricket for a period of around 20 years.

7. Identify both. Clue: Bus

Ans: Rosa Parks with Martin Luther King. She is the lady who was arrested for refusing to give her bus seat for a white man.

8. Every easy. Identify the cricketer in "action".

Ans: Javed Miandad. Bowler was Dennis Lillee. If anybody has a link to a vdo of this incident, please inform me.

Copy pasting from wikipedia. Here is a description of what happened.

Described as "one of the most undignified incidents in Test history", the clash between Lillee and Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad in 1981 was especially explosive. Miandad turned Lillee behind square for a single, and in completing an easy run, he collided with the bowler.

Eyewitnesses agreed that Lillee was to blame and most observed that he had deliberately moved into the batsman's path. According to Lillee, Miandad struck him from behind with his bat. Lillee then turned to confront Miandad, and Miandad lifted his bat above his head as if to strike him.

The unedifying images of Tony Crafter, the umpire, stepping in to hold back Lillee while Miandad wielded his bat like a deranged javelin thrower were beamed around the world. The Australian Board acted, reducing the fine fixed by players from A$200 to A$120 and adding a two-match ban. Cynics noted that the punishment ensured that Lillee missed two fairly low-key one-day internationals, and none of the Tests

9. A toughie. Clues: Started a business conglomorate in Chennai, former Finance Minister of India, Maps :)

Ans: TT Krishnamachari (TTK). Not sure if 'maps' is a good clue. My Geography teacher in school used to insist us to buy "TTK" brand maps and not other brands.

10. Identify this techie. Clues: Popular site is named after him.

Ans: Orkut Buyukkokten. Need to admit that I Was surprised when many cracked this easily. This guy's website..

By the way my orkut profile is

The scores (not in any particular order)

Jaikarpan 8
Santanu Dey 9 (kudos for taking the top honors)
Guru Rajan 4.5
karthik narayan 4.5
Ramji Sundararajan 7
rameshbabupv 5.5
Jacob Dijo 6
rajesh mohan 8.5
kaushik saha 6
amaresh patil 2
mindfree7 4
Anand Shankar 3
Indranil Adak 5.5
Arijit Mukhopadhyay 4.5
Pranav Wankawala 4
Sathya Narayanan 4
Abhra Dutta 7
AmEyA MaRdOlKaR 3
sangeeth ravindran 4
Sachin g_o_v_i 6
nikhil ranade 4.5
lewin sivamalai 5
Brij 5 (U got TTK wrong even after google :) appreciate that u admitted using google)

Suchintan Chatterjee 7 (Thanks for the link sir)
Pallavi Roy 9 (kudos for taking the top honors)

Puneet Rohidekar 4 (arey... har sawaal ka tumne aadha jawab diya.. humara next quiz tu conduct karega kya?)

Bajpai, Vaibhav 8
Anurag Singh 6.5
Vijay Chada 6
kiran c.s 3
S K triviayogi 8.5
Praveen Laxmeswar 7
Rohan Nair 8
Praveen GT 5
Husain Poonawala 4
Sadashiv N 6
Mayukh Bose 5
Biren Gandhi 4
Atul patel 2
Chandan Shahi 6
Ananth K 4.5

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Visual Quiz # 2

Hello Guys! Thanks again for the wonderful response and comments. Here are the answers for the visual quiz -2

Please find ur scores below the answers. Bee Gee scored a perfect 5.

1. This is a type of modern day art form. Basically a collection of pictures are arranged in a matrix in such a manner that the matrix itself potrays another picture. Many softwares are available to do this. The question is: what is the name of this modern day art form?

Ans: Photomosaic

Other guesses: Collage, Photomontage, tile graffitti

2. Whose weapons are these?

Ans: Tipu Sultan (easiest of the lot... almost cracked by everyone)

Other guesses: Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), khukri

3. Identify the guy in the picture who is getting married.

Ans: Alfred Hitchcock
Other guesses: laurel/Hardy, churchill, mussolini, charlie chaplin, fatty arbuckle

4. Some of you might crack this easily. Identify this person from litterature field.

Ans: Sarat Chandra Chatterjee/Chattopadhyay

Other guesses, harivanhs Rai Bachchan, kavi pradeep, k krishanmurti

5. A friend of mine was disappointed that I didnt have cricket related question last time. Please identify the two gentlemen. (0.5 points for each answer)

Ans: Ajit Wadekar & Sunil Gavaskar
Uttam adds: This pic features Ajit Wadekar (then Captain, left) and Sunil Gavaskar (right) in England on their 1971 tour - AFTER the fantastic 774 runs in West Indies by Gavaskar in a Debut season.

Here are the honors:

Rajiv D'Silva - 2
Pratyush Prasanna - 2.5 (.5+1+0+.5+.5)... you came very close to many of the answers. so I had to give the break-up
bibhavasu - 1 thanks for the comments. Thanks to u. I researched and came to know about the laureate Fakir Mohan Senapati
Ajay garg - 1.5
parag lokhande - 2
Akhtar Ali - 1 (Nice attempts dude..)
vittal avinash - 2
Ramachandran V - 1
Saurabh - 2
Varun prakash - 2
Vijay Govindarajan - ? (good attempts for each question, though)
Uttam Padukhone - 2
Pranav Wankawala -2
Rahul Paul - 3
V K Kanungo - 2
writankar - 1
vivek karthikeyan -1
sudipk.dey - 3.5
prateep sarkar - 2
PVR Rao - 3
Rajesh Mohan - 3
BEE GEE - perfect 5
Hussain Poonawala - 1
Aditya Gupta - 2.5
V Vinod - 1.5
K Ramakrishnan - 2
Jude Thikattil - 1
Mausimi kar - 4
Srikant - 3
balaji krishnan - 1
supriyo banerjee - 3 (Nice to know that u r part of Art of Living. Thanks for the comments)
Palash Doshi - 1.5
Aishwarya Varma - 3
krishna karthik - 2
Prateek Vijayavargia - 1.5 (probably u will find next quiz a bit easier .. ;)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Visual Quiz # 1

Thanks for the wonderful response. Answers are inline with the questions. Scores are given below.

1. This is the Maruti (Suzuki) 800 version in Pakistan. Give me the name of the car

Ans; Meheran

(Bhaskaran - REVO was Pakistan's indigeniously made car made by a company called Adam motors. Meheran was made by Suzuki.)

2. What is the name of this mascot of Indian Railways for its 150th year celebration

Ans: Bholu (the easiest of the lot... cracked by almost everyone)

3. This is the Egyptian (Islamic) version of barbie doll... name it (her)..!

Ans: Fulla

more info: http://www.islamonline.com/cgi-bin/news_service/world_full_story.asp?service_id=1773
Murali adds that the doll is named after the arabic word for jasmine.

Interesting answers - Al Barbara (.. by Nikhil), Sara, Rozanne

4. This widely televised incident happened sometime in December. Two Policewomen decided to teach some lessons to love-birds of Meerut. The question is .. what is this operation nicknamed? (looking for an answer something like operation vijay, operation yudh..)

Ans: Operation Majnu.

5. I dont want the names. But who are these 4?

Tom Parker Bowles, Laura Parker Bowles, Prince Harry and Prince William - children of Prince Charles & Camilla... not born to both of them.. of course ;-)

The toughest of the lot. (cracked only by Krishnan...kudos buddy)

Here are the scores

Ameya Mardolkar - 4
Ankur Jain - 2
Nikhil Narayanan - 2 ... Al-Barbara made me laugh for sometime :-)
Abhirup Ganguly - 1
Sarvashree - 3
Tapas Quila - 4
Abhinav kishore - 4
Rabi Sankar Saha - 4 (Thanks for the comments)
Murali Duggineni - 4
Srikant - 1.5
TANEJAD@iocl.co.in - 4
kishore - 4
vipender chauhan - 3
chandan shahi - 2
ravi kiran - 1
abhinava singh - 2
bhaskaran.deepak - 1.5
Vipin Pandey - 3 (Thanks for the comments)
ravi chand - 2
Varun Reddy - 4 (Thanks for the comments)
Indivar Nayyar - 3.5
Ravi Pratap - 3
Prateek Vijayavargia - 4
anoop.chandran - 3
krishnan krishnan - 2 (KUDOs... you are the only one to get the 5th one correctly)
Vinod saxeana - 3 (It was obvious that the 4 are human beings. No question about that ;-)
dinkar.ayilavarapu - 2
Sneha Srivastava - 2
Nishith bani - 2
Abhishek Kulshrestha - 4
Siddhish Mittal - 4

Hope you all enjoyed the quiz. I will post the next visual quiz soon.

Just what is a 'Pinata'..?

Pinata (pronounced as pin-ya-ta) is a candy or toy filled container suspended by a rope over a tree or a ceiling. Kids are blindfolded and are given a stick to break this container to collect their candies or toys. Not sure if these traditions were started by Spanish or Chinese people in Mexico, but sure that this tradition was started in Mexico.

Here is a google video link