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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Visual Quiz # 2

Hello Guys! Thanks again for the wonderful response and comments. Here are the answers for the visual quiz -2

Please find ur scores below the answers. Bee Gee scored a perfect 5.

1. This is a type of modern day art form. Basically a collection of pictures are arranged in a matrix in such a manner that the matrix itself potrays another picture. Many softwares are available to do this. The question is: what is the name of this modern day art form?

Ans: Photomosaic

Other guesses: Collage, Photomontage, tile graffitti

2. Whose weapons are these?

Ans: Tipu Sultan (easiest of the lot... almost cracked by everyone)

Other guesses: Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), khukri

3. Identify the guy in the picture who is getting married.

Ans: Alfred Hitchcock
Other guesses: laurel/Hardy, churchill, mussolini, charlie chaplin, fatty arbuckle

4. Some of you might crack this easily. Identify this person from litterature field.

Ans: Sarat Chandra Chatterjee/Chattopadhyay

Other guesses, harivanhs Rai Bachchan, kavi pradeep, k krishanmurti

5. A friend of mine was disappointed that I didnt have cricket related question last time. Please identify the two gentlemen. (0.5 points for each answer)

Ans: Ajit Wadekar & Sunil Gavaskar
Uttam adds: This pic features Ajit Wadekar (then Captain, left) and Sunil Gavaskar (right) in England on their 1971 tour - AFTER the fantastic 774 runs in West Indies by Gavaskar in a Debut season.

Here are the honors:

Rajiv D'Silva - 2
Pratyush Prasanna - 2.5 (.5+1+0+.5+.5)... you came very close to many of the answers. so I had to give the break-up
bibhavasu - 1 thanks for the comments. Thanks to u. I researched and came to know about the laureate Fakir Mohan Senapati
Ajay garg - 1.5
parag lokhande - 2
Akhtar Ali - 1 (Nice attempts dude..)
vittal avinash - 2
Ramachandran V - 1
Saurabh - 2
Varun prakash - 2
Vijay Govindarajan - ? (good attempts for each question, though)
Uttam Padukhone - 2
Pranav Wankawala -2
Rahul Paul - 3
V K Kanungo - 2
writankar - 1
vivek karthikeyan -1
sudipk.dey - 3.5
prateep sarkar - 2
PVR Rao - 3
Rajesh Mohan - 3
BEE GEE - perfect 5
Hussain Poonawala - 1
Aditya Gupta - 2.5
V Vinod - 1.5
K Ramakrishnan - 2
Jude Thikattil - 1
Mausimi kar - 4
Srikant - 3
balaji krishnan - 1
supriyo banerjee - 3 (Nice to know that u r part of Art of Living. Thanks for the comments)
Palash Doshi - 1.5
Aishwarya Varma - 3
krishna karthik - 2
Prateek Vijayavargia - 1.5 (probably u will find next quiz a bit easier .. ;)


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